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Roast 440

Rich flavours... heady aromas... great freshly made coffee.

The Perfect Roast

Perfect roast, perfect cup

Roast 440 is Caterforce's own coffee brand, designed with independent coffee shops, cafés, pubs, restaurants and hotels in mind.
  • Roasted at the perfect temperature
  • Available as whole beans or ground
  • A delicious, customer-pleasing cup every time
Sourced worldwide, roasted locally


Sourced worldwide, roasted locally

We travel the world sourcing the highest quality beans wherever they grow, from Brazil and Colombia to Ethiopia, India and Central America. Then we create blends in which the different strengths and flavours work harmoniously together, enabling you to offer the perfect coffee for every application.

Our beans come from:

  • Kenya
  • Honduras
  • Ethiopia
  • Colombia
  • Brazil

To suit your requirements

Fresh beans or filter-ready

Grinding beans on the premises creates great aromas and fabulous coffee, whether it’s an invigorating espresso or a smooth latte. But sometimes the speed of ready-ground filter coffee is just more convenient. Roast 440’s extensive range offers customers the best of both.

Fresh beans or filter-ready
Did you know?

The Perfect Temperature

Did you know?

440° Fahrenheit is the optimum roasting temperature for coffee beans. Less heat would fail to release the maximum flavour and aroma. More heat can cause burning leading to bitterness.

Explore the Roast 440 range

Beans and filter coffee available in 1kg, 500g and 60g filter sachets.