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Sales Data

Access sales reports to measure the performance of your brands across all members of the group.

Informing business decisions

Caterforce Sales Hub

Informing business decisions

In 2021 we launched the Sales Hub, to provide valuable sales insights and data to our members and supplier partners, helping them make more informed business decisions.

With three tiers of reporting available to our suppliers the platform is easy to use with customisable reports available at the touch of a button. Suppliers can gain insights into how their products are performing across the group. As well as evaluating trends and shifting behaviour month on month or year on year.

Packages Tailored for Your Business Insights

  • Basic:


    Overview: Essential insights for SKU performance.
    • Report on top-selling wholesalers.
    • Analysis of high-performing and underperforming products.
    • Essential for basic sales tracking and inventory management.

  • Plus:


    Overview: Expanded insights for strategic growth.
    Includes Basic Package Features.
    Additional Features:

    • Detailed customer demographics.
    • Performance metrics by category and region.
    • Ideal for business development support and market analysis.

  • Premium:


    Overview: Comprehensive analysis for competitive edge.
    Includes Basic and Plus Package Features.
    Additional Features:

    • In-depth competitor performance analysis.
    • Strategic insights into market positioning.
    • Essential for advanced strategic planning and market leadership.

Sales Data

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Access valuable sales insights and data helping you to make more informed business decisions.